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Why Choose Us As Your Alabama Google Ads Agency

Discover what sets our Google Ads agency apart from the rest


Marketing partner

Our Alabama Google Ads agency acts as an extension of your existing team.

We are not just an agency; we are a marketing partner. We analyze and study our clients’ businesses, discuss their goals with them regularly, and optimize campaigns to achieve the best results. We learn about your business and industry to provide the best possible services and suggestions.


No Contract

With no contract required, start or end your service with us at any time.

We don’t enforce a contract, which means that our clients can cancel service anytime. If you are not satisfied, we can stop service and the transition will be smooth. We are that certain about our marketing services – clients stay with us because they like us and we get results for them, not because they are stuck in a contract. Our Alabama Google Ads agency focuses on ensuring your success–not locking you into a contract, because we measure our own success based on your satisfaction.


You Are In Control

We make suggestions, but you are in the driver’s seat and make decisions.

Our Alabama Google Ads agency does things a little differently than most. You own all accounts, and we manage your accounts as directed. When we create a new service or create an account, we make you the administrator, which means you will not lose anything if you decide to end the relationship or take things in a new direction. You can login at any time to view progress or changes as well.



We have transparent processes to ensure we are achieving effective results.

We are transparent in every action we take. We will educate you on how your accounts are managed and how the billing is handled. Your budget is discussed and reviewed regularly, and we will help you to set up your payment accounts so that you pay monthly fees directly to providers (Google/Facebook /Instagram/LinkedIn). Verbsz only charges a management fee at the end of the month for our services.


Strategy & Relationship

We develop a tailored marketing strategy to help clients achieve their goals.

Our goal is to help you to grow your business and expand. When your business grows and you succeed, so do we. We treat our clients like they are a part of us – because they are. We measure our own success by our clients’ success. Verbsz has helped several businesses expand to 5-6 locations, in addition to more than doubling their new client leads, revenue, and bettering their online reputation.


Free services

We offer several complimentary services to provide added value for clients.

While Verbsz does charge a campaign management fee, we also provide a variety of free services that you won’t get for free anywhere else. As an omni-channel Google Ads company, we have an in-house team of experts that add value beyond creating a website or running a marketing campaign.

The following free services are included with every Google Ads package:

Dedicated account manager and strategist
Custom landing page for Google Ad campaigns
Complimentary website changes with Google Ads
Free banner ad creation for paid ads
Free marketing and content strategy consultations


No Minimum Budget

With no minimum ad budget required, we help businesses of all sizes grow.

Verbsz offers unparalleled flexibility for marketing and advertising your business. Our Alabama Google Ads agency’s approach allows companies to experiment with various marketing strategies without the pressure of a hefty financial commitment, making it easier to tailor campaigns to specific needs and objectives. Advertising strategies can be adjusted rapidly based on performance, without budgetary constraints limiting creativity or experimentation.



We are always looking for better ways to achieve our goals to help clients.

Verbsz continuously monitors and integrates the latest Google Ads trends and technologies, using data-driven insights for campaign optimization, and tailoring strategies to the evolving needs of our clients and their audiences. We keep an eye on competitive analysis to help clients stay ahead or distinctively position themselves in their market.



We make sure that every dollar is well-spent with optimized campaigns.

As a top-rated Alabama Google Ads agency, we are committed to being cost-effective with our clients’ budgets. We achieve this by meticulously tailoring our strategies to align with each client’s specific financial constraints and business objectives, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment towards tangible results. We pride ourselves on our efficient use of resources, leveraging the most effective tools and platforms to maximize return on investment.


Innovative Technology

We use the latest technologies to ensure that all our work is cutting-edge.

Verbsz utilizes advanced analytics tools for precise targeting, employs AI-driven insights for strategy optimization, and embraces cutting-edge advertising, marketing, social media, and web development platforms for engaging content delivery. This tech-centric approach allows us to deliver highly effective, data-driven campaigns that not only reach but resonate with desired audiences, ensuring our clients stand out in the digital landscape.


Industry Expertise

Our Google Ads agency has decades of combined industry expertise. Verbsz Marketing has

established itself as a leader in the marketing industry, boasting a global team of marketing and IT experts fluent in multiple languages and backed by years of hands-on industry experience. Our deep understanding of diverse markets and cutting-edge marketing strategies has earned us consistent recognition as a top marketing agency by industry authorities like, Clutch, UpCity, and Good Firms. This blend of international expertise and industry acclaim underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional marketing solutions to our clients worldwide.



We help you scale your marketing efforts to grow alongside your business.

Our Alabama Google Ads agency places a strong emphasis on scalability, ensuring that our strategies are designed to grow alongside our clients’ businesses. By leveraging adaptable and scalable marketing tactics, we provide solutions that can easily adjust to changing market demands and business growth. This approach not only supports our clients’ immediate goals but also lays a foundation for sustained success, ensuring that their marketing efforts remain effective and efficient as they expand and evolve.

Still Not Sure About Choosing Verbsz As Your Marketing Partner?

Reserve a free 30-minute expert advisory session with us – no obligations or strings attached. We’ll evaluate your current marketing strategies, provide valuable insights, and answer any questions you have.

Alabama Google Ads Agency Case Studies

Blue Hat Cleaning


Increase In Conversions


Decrease In Cost Per Conversion


Total Wellness Solutions


Increase In Organic SEO Traffic


Increase In Goal Completions From Organic SEO



Increase In Conversions From Facebook Ads


Increase In Sales Revenue From Facebook Ads

What Our Client Says

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million To $18 Million

1,079% up arrow

Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold

21.57% up arrow

Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold

$16M up arrow

Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold

An Alabama Google Ads Agency That Makes A Difference

Are your Google ads failing to boost your profits? Are you investing in ad campaigns that aren’t driving growth, but rather keeping you stagnant? Instead of pouring money into poorly optimized Google Ads campaigns, it’s time to reach out to Verbsz.


With years of experience as an Alabama Google Ads agency, we have successfully transformed struggling paid campaigns into profitable ventures. Randomly experimenting is not the solution. You and your business deserve a more strategic approach. At Verbsz, we have successfully managed numerous Google Ads campaigns, knowing what strategies work and what don’t.


From refining keywords and restructuring messy account setups to creating engaging ad copy and visuals, we will revamp your Google Adwords campaigns for optimal outcomes. Discover how Verbsz can help your business turn Google Ads into a profitable investment.

Google Ads

Google Ads That Bring Your Brand To Life

Maximize your business’s potential with our Alabama Google Ads Services. Our expert team specializes in creating and managing high-performance Google Ads campaigns that drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and boost your ROI. With tailored strategies, precise targeting, and continuous optimization, we ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time. Partner with us to transform your online advertising and achieve measurable growth for your business.

Display Campaigns

Boost your brand visibility with our targeted Display Campaigns.

We create visually appealing ads that reach your audience across millions of websites and apps, driving awareness and engagement with your business.

Video Campaigns

Capture your audience’s attention with engaging Video Campaigns.

Our team produces and promotes compelling video ads on YouTube and across the Google Display Network, increasing brand recognition and driving action.

App Campaigns

Increase your app downloads and user engagement with our optimized App Campaigns.

We promote your app across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and the Display Network, reaching users ready to download and use your app.

Shopping Campaigns

Drive more sales with our effective Shopping Campaigns.

We showcase your products directly on Google Search, providing potential customers with detailed information and images, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Performance Max Campaigns

Maximize your ad performance with our innovative Performance Max Campaigns.

Using AI-driven automation, we optimize your ads across all Google channels, ensuring you achieve the best results with minimal effort.

Our Alabama Google Ads services speak for themselves but we are more than happy to share what our clients have to say about us.

100+ Reviews

With a 5-star rating, our reputation is built on customer success.

Google Search Ads

Google continues to reign as the leader of search engines – and having your ads prominently displayed in front of interested customers is crucial for profitability. Our Alabama Google Ads agency is well-versed in the most effective methods for optimizing campaigns to attract potential buyers.

Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with your company to pinpoint key strategies for boosting conversions and reducing cost-per-conversion. Whether we are fine-tuning your current campaigns or developing new ones from scratch, we will guarantee their maximum effectiveness. We will consistently monitor all your campaigns to prevent performance stagnation.

Google Display Ads

Our Alabama google ads agency specializes in creating highly targeted Google Display Ads campaigns that ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time. We use advanced targeting options, including demographic, geographic, interest-based, and behavioral targeting, to refine your audience. This precision targeting helps to increase the relevance of your ads, leading to higher click-through rates and better return on investment. Whether you aim to build brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, our expertise in Google Display Ads can help you achieve your business goals.

Google Remarketing Ads

Our Alabama google ads agency excels in developing and managing Google Remarketing Ads campaigns that effectively bring back lost visitors. We create customized remarketing lists based on user behavior, such as pages viewed or actions taken on your site, to deliver highly relevant ads. This personalized approach ensures that your ads resonate with your audience, making them more likely to return and convert. By continuously optimizing your campaigns, we help maximize your ad spend efficiency and drive sustained business growth.

Google Shopping Ads

At our agency, we specialize in creating and managing Google Shopping Ads campaigns that deliver exceptional results. We optimize your product feed to ensure accurate and comprehensive information, which helps improve your ads’ relevance and performance. By leveraging advanced targeting and bidding strategies, we ensure that your products reach the right audience at the right time. Our continuous monitoring and optimization efforts help maximize your return on investment, driving more traffic and sales to your online store.

Google Youtube Ads

Our Alabama Google Ads agency excels in creating impactful YouTube Ads campaigns that captivate and convert. We utilize a variety of ad formats, including TrueView in-stream ads, bumper ads, and discovery ads, to tailor your message for maximum engagement. By leveraging YouTube’s advanced targeting options, we ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Through continuous analysis and optimization, we help you achieve your marketing objectives and drive measurable results.

Google Ads Landing Pages

Our Alabama google ads agency specializes in creating high-converting Google Ads Landing Pages that align perfectly with your campaign goals. We focus on optimizing every element of the page, from headline to call-to-action, ensuring it’s designed to engage visitors and encourage conversions. By conducting A/B testing and analyzing user behavior, we continuously refine your landing pages to improve performance and maximize your return on investment. Our expertise ensures that every click counts, turning your ad spend into tangible business results.

We’ve Got The Right Tricks, Tools, And Tactics.

Keyword Research

Ad Copy Development

GTM Setup

Conversion Tracking

Competitor Research

Budget Pacing

New Beta Releases

A/B Testing

Automated Bid Strategies

Search Term Reporting

GA4 Integration

Shopping Feed Optimizations

Granular & Broad Retargeting

Quality Score Improvements

Youtube Ads Campaign

Display Campaign

Why Our Google Ads

Choosing Verbsz Marketing as your Google Ads company offers several competitive advantages, including:


Working with a Premier Google Partner.


A custom Google Ads strategy


Proactive campaign management


A dedicated account manager


Personalized  reporting dashboards


Transparent pricing


In-house advertising, copywriting, design, and development teams

Keep reading to learn more about why we’re a top Google Ads agency for businesses like yours.

What Do Our Google Ads Management Company’s Services Include?

As your Google Ads marketing agency, we provide you with a turnkey solution to advertising on Google. Whether you want to promote your business with Google Local Services ads, remarketing campaigns, PPC management, or Google Shopping ads, we can help.

All our ad management services for Google Ads include the following:


Custom strategy


Dedicated account manager


Google Analytics integration


Strategic bid management


Call tracking


Lead tracking


Return on investment tracking


Monthly performance and analysis performance

Specific services or service plans offer access to additional features. A few examples include:


Rule-based bidding setup and management


International campaign management


Conversion analysis reporting


Professional banner ad design


Landing page design


Landing page performance testing

Grow Your Business with Alabama Google Ads Services

Markets We Serve

Our Alabama Google Ads Agency has extensive experience collaborating with various businesses across diverse industries. Check out some of the markets we cater to below or explore the complete list. Verbsz is dedicated to serving all cities nationwide, such as Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alabama Google Ads Agency offers a comprehensive range of services including search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ads, app promotion, remarketing, and performance max campaigns. We also provide landing page optimization and detailed analytics reporting.

Google Ads can help your Alabama-based business by increasing your online visibility, driving targeted traffic to your website, and generating more leads and sales. Our tailored campaigns ensure your ads reach potential customers precisely when they are searching for products or services like yours.

We specialize in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, real estate, legal services, automotive, and more. Our team has extensive experience creating effective Google Ads campaigns that cater to the unique needs of different sectors.

Our Alabama Google Ads agency ensures successful Google Ads campaigns through a combination of detailed keyword research, strategic ad placement, continuous performance monitoring, and data-driven optimization. We focus on maximizing your return on investment and achieving your specific business goals.

Starting a Google Ads campaign with us involves an initial consultation to understand your business objectives, followed by a thorough market analysis and strategy development. We then create and launch your ad campaigns, continuously monitoring and optimizing them to ensure optimal performance.